The Pacific Institute of Public Policy is evolving into the  Since 2008 we have brought together the region's leading policy practitioners, influencers and analysts to form the Pacific's premier independent think tank. Drawing on the depth of  knowledge and experience of the network, we have helped shape and inform new thinking on the key issues affecting the region. The richness of our connections is coupled with a deep understanding of the region, and the global geopolitical forces that increasingly play out within it. We remain informed by actively monitoring the policy research base, regional politics, public diplomacy, media and community perspectives. Trusted as a source of reliable, non-partisan analysis we continue to pioneer innovative models of citizen engagement, connecting political actors with citizen voices. As brokers of informed and inclusive debate, we specialise in making often complex information accessible to a broad range of audiences. In order to bridge differing perspectives, we regularly engage in 'kava diplomacy' as a high-level, but low-key, dialogue among principal policy stakeholders and development partners. With a focus on finding Pacific answers to the region's development challenges, we are uniquely positioned to amplify Pacific voices on the international stage.

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