Our legacy as the Pacific Institute of Public Policy

The Pacific Institute of Public Policy was established on 21 November 2007 as the first regional policy think tank serving the small island developing states of the Pacific. For eight years we provided the people and governments of the region with independent analysis and commentary on the important issues, and also pioneefred a range of discussion forums and events to encourage informed and inclusive debate on these issues. We have always proudly championed Pacific voices on Pacific issues at home and on the international stage.

In July 2016 we were forced to suspend activities and temporarily close our offices due to a lack of funding. As we continue to seek the means to reconfigure into the pacificpolicy.network, the following pages provide an overview  of the valuable work we have built our reputation as the leading brokers of impartial and informed discussion on the important issues that shape our region.


Citizen engagement


discussion papers


Debates and discussion forums


research and analysis